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VoIP Services For Your Business Offers Cheaper Costs And Greater Flexibility

High speed internet is a basic need for the majority of the population. The average consumer owns devices such as a smartphone and computer – not to mention other forms of technology such as consoles, TVs, tablets, etc. Due to the services offered by most any form of modern technology, a means to access the internet is a must, done through an ISP, or an internet service provider.

When it comes to corporate consumers, that need is even more crucial. Regardless of the service, a global computer network hosts an extensive range of information, provides means of communication, and is a potential platform to market and connect with consumers.

What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, and as stated in the name, ISPs provide internet access to customers. They may also provide services related to telephone lines and cable television. Regardless, there are a variety of mediums and technologies through which these services may be provided, but mainly, we will address VoIP services, specifically as provided by a commercial internet provider to businesses.

What Is A Commercial ISP?

Essentially, a commercial internet provider is an ISP whose consumers are businesses, and businesses certainly should consider receiving not only internet access through these ISPs but also phone services, as opposed to a local phone company.

What is VoIP?

This stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and essentially that internet connection is the medium through which the consumer’s phone services are delivered – through an internet service provider over a company that delivers only phone services.

In terms of the corporate consumer market, VoIP services accounted for $43.27 billion in global revenues in 2012.

Why Consider VoIP For Your Business?

First and foremost, there is cost to consider. Regardless of whether the business has already been established and running for some time or whether the business is new, VoIP service may be a much cheaper option than traditional phone services.

The startup costs of a new business may be reduced by up to 90% if resorting to VoIP providers over traditional options. Equivalent services may be more expensive, due to the nature of phone companies as monopolies in their market.

Aside from that, the utilization of a single network in carrying data and voice may lead to increased savings. As long as there is sufficient network capacity, those remaining resources may be used to transmit voice without the necessity of further paid resources.

On the other hand. VoIP, as provided by a commercial internet provider, may offer more flexibility and greater functionality than a traditional option. As opposed to a phone connected to, say, a traditional line as provided by a local phone company, a VoIP phone is able to receive phone calls as long as it is connected to the internet.

This offers the business significantly greater mobility, as the business phone, using VoIP services can be taken on the go and receive any necessary calls from anywhere.

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